Installation Requirements:

  • South facing, shadow-free area.
  • Hardness of cold water input should be less than 200 p.p.m and chloride should be less than 100 p.p.m. Suitable unit to prevent scaling in hard water applications is recommended.
  • Cost of usage piping and cold water inlet piping from overhead tank to storage water heater will be charged at actuals, to be borne by the customer.
  • A site Survey is recommended prior to purchase of a solar water heater.


DURONOX INNER CONTAINER Specially treated inner container ensures durability and resistance against corrosion. It comes with a 5 year replacement guarantee.
PUF INSULATION Hi-density injected PUF insulation ensures best result in every season. PUF with insulation properties is twice as effective as any other insulation material, helping in maximum heat retention.
RUST PROOF OUTER BODY Rust-proof, durable and corrosion resistant outer body.
UNIQUE Specially designed tray type water proof collector with high structural strength for dependable performance and high durability